Maze With Rooms

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Puzzle, moving rooms, going between rooms and finding ways out through a maze.

Puzzle game with brains, aiming arrival at last-ending-room in which the Exit is constructed.

Game finding labyrinth out, being able to increase the power of thought and the power of memory, in which moving rooms, going between rooms and reaching at last the aimed room having the Exit through the shortest way, the shortest time.

You should enter the room in order to move the room.

Sometimes you have to open the door being closed to go between rooms.
And you should get the key number to open and go through the door closed.
The key number is in hiding in the filing cabinet.

You might step on the mine kept out of sight , if you made mistake on finding maze out. Be careful.
The mine might be shown for a while, about 0.5 seconds, if a button were double clicked.

Occasionally it is possible to move instantaneously between rooms far apart from by using an equipment constructed for a space-movement.

Are you uncomfortable due to small graphics?
The sight will be magnified by double tap the screen.
And the pinch zoom in/out has the same function as changing the size of the sight.

The shorter the moving distance is, or the less the elapsed time is, the more scores you can get when you escape from rooms.
The scores obtained is saved in the user device.

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