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Would you solve the puzzle game completely controlling the movement of the block and checking the shape of the block in the 3-dimensional space?

You can move the descending block to the left or right, and forward or backward so that you are able to adjust the spot to be hit by block.

The block can be rotated around all the direction. Rotate it in accordance with the shape of the plate to delete.

In addition, rotating the plate to delete, you can confirm the shape of the plate more accurately.

The shorter time the descending block takes for reaching the plate, the higher score you can get.

If you get the total score above the fixed point, the descending time interval would be shorter. At the end, the time interval would vary as time passes.

And you have to get the score above the fixed score to play the higher level stage.

Enjoy the game, and get the higher score. The more interesting world of 3-dimensional block assembling game will be spread out.

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